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A health-led ambitious healthy drink providing company.  With continued research and development, we can offer a broad range of innovative refreshing products for our consumers.  Working with and having a passion for Bees, Beekeeping and Honey we ensure that our environment, nature and the world around us is improved.  Offering Honey Sweetened products ensures our customers have a Premium Low Calorie healthy alternative.

Bees are essential to a healthy environment and economy, we rely on them to pollinate most of our fruit and vegetables.  Bees are under threat and without them so is our food, that is why we encourage the use of this product to maintain the environment in which we live.

We are growing our global presence ensuring we deliver our message to a worldwide audience, this ensures our bee population grows and we can all enjoy the beauty of the world around us.  What else we want to do is ensure that everything we do is guided by our core values and commitment to sustainability and be ethical in the way we operate.  The foundations of our commitment are clear to always support the bee population, our environment and healthy products to our consumers.


Built from humble beginnings with a very small team, Buzbee’s are now working tirelessly to create a Global Network and supply consumers the world over. As much as we want to grow, we must maintain the feeling of loyalty to our beginnings to really make sure Buzbee’s values are maintained. The people within the business are passionate, with the will to create refreshing flavours and something different for the consumer. The pioneering spirit and passion within the business will keep the Buzbee brand alive by providing our consumers premium low-calorie quality refreshments. Our premium products are the key driver and purpose of our business, every consumer is special to Buzbee we thrive to deliver a refreshment that exceeds the expectations through taste, it’s very much personal not just business.


Finding a refreshing drink on a hot summers day, evening out or the perfect drink for dinner with friends isn’t easy especially when faced with a vast array of brands and flavours, so our mission is cut through all the confusion and only offer premium low-calorie products and exquisite flavours for all to enjoy.


Creating a smile for all our consumers means everything to Buzbee’s as a smile effects what we do. Offering consumers refreshing products and new flavours making our products irresistible. Always striving for better we will go further looking for new products and improving flavours, our goals have no boundaries, always defying our consumers expectations. Buzbee’s creative approach is always centred around our consumer, offering outstanding drinks, refreshing flavours and improving the environment we live in today worldwide.


Using the finest ingredients allows the consumer to relate to the aromas and flavours that ensure the overall quality of the drinks we provide.

A radically fresh combination of flavours that contain natural ingredients selected with extreme care. The result is a creation that unleashes a freshness inspired by a desire to deliver an unmistakable taste. It is easy to see why our range has become the consumers first choice as they are both light and refreshing suitable for a range of tastes and occasions. Our range offers freshness and choice you’d expect to find from a leading supplier. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring, we only use the freshest, realest ingredients in all our drinks along with 100% natural honey – the healthier alternative to sugar.