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Buzbee’s Mission and Strategy

Our mission is to develop through R&D to deliver premium products of value and great taste.

The business’s primary focus is on delivery of quality healthy products on a strategic basis to increase growth and with continual improvement secure our long term financial performance.  Growing a global business that delivers a wider range of products that adds value through a simplified operating model.

Working with and having a passion for Bees, Beekeeping and Honey we ensure that our environment, nature and the world around us is improved.  Offering Honey Sweetened products ensures our customers have an healthy alternative.

Bees are essential to a healthy environment and economy, we rely on them to pollinate most of our fruit and vegetables.  Bees are under threat and without them so is our food, that is why we encourage the use of this product to maintain the environment in which we live.

What else we want to do is ensure that everything we do is guided by our core values and commitment to sustainability and be ethical in the way we operate.  The foundations of our commitment are clear to always support the bee population, our environment and healthy products to our consumers.

Working on this basis will ensure the company’s values are embedded in our operating procedures and decision making to help us deliver a better product to our customers.


The aim is simple, to create a more focused balanced business and product range capable of delivering sustainable sales growth.  This is centred on continued improvement within the industry setting standards to exceed consumers expectations without compromising sustainability and our ethical values.

Our priorities are to continually invest in product development in Emerging Markets, look for further opportunities to increase and optimise the value of our product portfolio and successfully launch new products globally.


R&D is fundamental to our strategy, this enables us to sustain a better pipeline of products that offer value and great taste to the consumer.  This is underpinned by a focus on improving our productivity and continual product improvement through R&D.  Our aim is to deliver new products annually with real benefits to the consumer and safeguarding our bee population.


As the business is growing we must continue to improve the way we operate through continual improvement and becoming more efficient.  The benefits this brings will be that resource will be freed, cost reduced and we can then re-invest in R&D and the business.  We will regularly review our product range and streamline where necessary.


This paramount to our business strategy and delivering success is fundamental to ensure we achieve our goals.  Embedding values in our operation and decision-making process will ensure we better meet the expectations of our consumers.  Working closely with our distributers will accelerate growth and also ensure premium products reach the consumer.  Delivering a global roll out will ensure people around the world will enjoy our product carefully monitored with proactive risk management programme.  Delivering to the global market we will ensure we continually improve our market leading products and increase our market share.